Saturday, 28 February 2015

Hair troubles!!!

Yen is mixed race she is half Filipino and half Jamaican, her hair has lovely curls but I find her hair is thinner at the front and is much thicker in the back. I want to keep Yens hair out more instead of having it in a pony tail or another style so the front of her hair will grow. However after an hour or so of having her hair out it looks like a comb has never touched her hair before and gets tangled so quick. Its sooooooooo annoying!!!
After I use to wash her hair I would put Jasmine oil in it but it doesn't seem to do any justice so now I'm going to start using Soft and precious detangling moisturizer.

So I wash her hair with Organic Children shampoo lavender burst. I then condition it with Organic children lavender conditioner. 
I leave the conditioner in for a few minutes then comb out her hair. When the conditioner is rinsed out I spray the Soft and precious detangling moisturizer all over her hair.
So far Yens hair feels really soft her curls have stayed and it hasn't tangled at the back so far so good woohoo!!!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Goodies from Lush

I've been suffering from eczema since I was a child so my skin is very sensitive. As I got older I didn't want to use so much steroid creams and moisturisers from the doctors so I tried to find a more natural alternative that works well for me. I found two products from Lush which isn't super expensive and so far they have worked well without giving my skin any flare ups or irritation.

Oatifix £6.50/75g
This is a nice nourishing face mask made from bananas, oatmeal, illipe butter, vanilla, ground almonds and other natural ingredients. I first put a nice generous layer of the mask on for about 5-10 mins then wash it off with warm water. I would rate this product a 9/10 it makes my face feel so soft and supple. Oh and by the way this lovely mask needs to be kept in the fridge.

After the mask I pat dry my face with a towel then use.

Dream cream - self preserving £11.95/240g
This cream is a nice all rounder cream which doesn't irritate my skin like other scented creams. Dream cream has many brilliant ingredients such as oats, rose water, chamomile blue oil and organic extra virgin olive oil. It does me justice during the cold winter weather here in London and it doesn't dry out my skin. It doesn't smell bad either. I would rate this product a 8/10.

My Princess meeting Princess Kate!

Sooooo my treacle tart was lucky enough to meet Princess Kate. She was around the Islington area visiting a charity so a few children went to see her and each gave her a rose. I was lucky enough to get a few good photos so they will be blown up and framed woohoo!!!

Nursery outfit

Todays outfit for nursery I love!!!
I've teamed up her Zara belle & chic jumper which she got for Christmas with a tutu from Next and for that edgy look good old Dr Martens.
Yen loved twirling around showing her friends her skirt. I think she thought she was some sort of Princess lol. A few parents also commented that they love her outfit too!!!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

No more dummy!!!

I asked my mum if I had a dummy when I was younger and she told me I didn't have any sort of comforter. I thought to myself right Yen won't have one she won't need it. Two and a half years later Yen still has a dummy oopsy. As she got older I tried to only give it to her for sleep I thought ween her off gently. I've now noticed she hides them then when she finds them they are constantly in her mouth even when she's trying to have a conversation that dummy is still in her mouth.
Enough is enough now she will be three soon!
Yens nana has told her the dummy fairy has taken them so now I have to follow it through. That means finding them all and throwing them in the bin. It sounds harsh but it has to be done!
 On the way home from nanas today I had a little chat with Yen and I basically told her the dummy fairy has taken all her dummies to give to the babies because she is a big girl now. In return to say thank you the dummy fairy will bring her a pressie. I asked Yen what she would like so I can tell the fairies and you guest it she has asked for Peppa Pig lol.
So far she has slept without it and has gone through the whole day without it hopefully this will go well like her potty training because I think she has mastered it or it could be her million pairs of a Peppa Pig knickers lol.

Peppa Pig!!!

So I've always said to my friends Yen will never be obsessed with these funny TV program's I will not allow it!!! This family has basically taken over!!! I'm sure many families will agree. I find myself buying DVDs, clothes, books, toys you name it.
I couldn't believe Yen knew all the characters names and when she was on the iPad she would know some of the script (talk about obsessed). I must say Peppa has saved me the trouble of talking to Yen about the tooth fairy though!
After watching a few episodes with Yen I must say it's not as bad as other children's programs that don't make sense and has no story to it.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Working and being mummy!!!

Yen is now at that age where her brain is like a super sponge. Everything is "what are you doing" "where are we going" "what's that". Working long hour days I only have evenings and weekends free to explore with her and take her on little adventures.
At first I didn't know what to do with her in the evenings because I was always tired from work but I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible because she's growing up so fast and I didn't want to be a parent that just goes to work then in the evenings just put their child to bed. So I just went with what she wanted to do for example read stories, play tea party and watching DVDs.
In my opinion you don't have to always spend lots of money on your children to make them happy. Don't get me wrong I love to treat Yen but I think it's more making memories with your children that are the best (you can't buy love).
From experience I find the best places to go and on a budget are museums and parks. There is soooooooo much to explore and learn for all ages. I took Yen to the science museum and she instantly fell in love with rockets and the moon. Most nights she asks me where the moon is so we look up for it. On the way home from nursery one day a good friend of mine taught Yen about full moon and half moon and just the other day I taught Yen about crescent moon. Yens dad decided to tell her the moon was made out of cheese which is quiet funny.
There are many parks in London to explore and have a coffee. My local park has a good play area for children few animals and a café. Yen loves running around in open spaces and climbing so the park for me is a win win plus I get my dose of caffeine.
I would love to take Yen travelling because she is also obsessed with aeroplanes. As usually because of work I only have a certain time I can have off and most of the time it's when other children are on holiday so it's more expensive.

First post!!

Ok so this is my very 1st post and I'm sort of just winging it lol. I'm new to the blogging world but I thought it would be a good idea. I've wanted to do it since my little lady was a baby but just didn't know where to begin. I will be posting about our adventures and pretty much everything in between wish me luck!!!