Wednesday, 25 February 2015

No more dummy!!!

I asked my mum if I had a dummy when I was younger and she told me I didn't have any sort of comforter. I thought to myself right Yen won't have one she won't need it. Two and a half years later Yen still has a dummy oopsy. As she got older I tried to only give it to her for sleep I thought ween her off gently. I've now noticed she hides them then when she finds them they are constantly in her mouth even when she's trying to have a conversation that dummy is still in her mouth.
Enough is enough now she will be three soon!
Yens nana has told her the dummy fairy has taken them so now I have to follow it through. That means finding them all and throwing them in the bin. It sounds harsh but it has to be done!
 On the way home from nanas today I had a little chat with Yen and I basically told her the dummy fairy has taken all her dummies to give to the babies because she is a big girl now. In return to say thank you the dummy fairy will bring her a pressie. I asked Yen what she would like so I can tell the fairies and you guest it she has asked for Peppa Pig lol.
So far she has slept without it and has gone through the whole day without it hopefully this will go well like her potty training because I think she has mastered it or it could be her million pairs of a Peppa Pig knickers lol.

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