Saturday, 19 November 2016


OK so its been way too long since I last blogged probably like a year and I actually miss it, sooooooo much has happened!

We have 2 new additions to the family and I mean the furry kind, their names are Percy (ginger one)and Milo (tri colour one) and they are gorgeous little guinea pigs!!!! we got them when they were 8 weeks old and they are now 1 years old. Yen has been really helpful with the cleaning and feeding. Her pig is Percy, she named him that because she loves Percy pigs the sweets from Marks and Spencers. My one is Milo and I think that is such a cute name.

Yen is now 4 and is in big girl school! woohoo!!!! I am so happy with the school she goes to but taking it back a few months before I was a nervous wreck. I had to choose 6 primary schools then it was a waiting game, when I looked online to check which school Yen got into my heart dropped SHE DIDN'T GET INTO ANY!!!! that is like a mothers worst nightmare. I had to wait for a letter then choose 3 from the list. But before that I called up and Yen was 6th on the list of the school I wanted her to get into. Thank god I didn't wait for Yen to get into the school she was on the list for because I absolutely love the school Yen is currently at they are just really lovely and friendly. Yen loves it too she has made new friends and is working hard I'm so proud of her.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Youtube Channel

Hey guys im super duper sorry I haven't been uploading anything for a very long time. Its because i'm trying a new thing for me of having a youtube channel. My channel will have shopping hauls, review, adventures etc so erm here it is hopefully its kool to watch enjoy like and subscribe thank you LOL

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

I'm back!!!!!

My apologies I haven't been posting in a while just been a bit busy being a working mummy. So let's update you on exciting things that have been going on.

On July 9th my little lady turnt the big 3 so for her birthday me, her and her nana went to Disneyland Paris!!!!! We took the plane there which took 45minutes and because her nana told the pilot it was her birthday the next day Yen got to sit on the pilots chair and take pictures. The pilot then gave her a picture of the plane and a sticker. Yen was sooooo happy because that was her first time on a plane.

We stayed in Paris for two nights, on her actual birthday we went to the disneyland park. I brought a few birthday cards with us so she could open them before she got ready to wear her Cinderella dress.
Yen was so excited when we got there she couldn't wait to run around. Before we went in I saw a sign saying you wasn't allowed to use selfie sticks which I thought was odd.
It was so hot we kept buying water and taking breaks from walking lol. There was soooooooo much to see we might have to go back because one day in the park was defo not enough! They had all different kinds of food so it is well catered for everyone. As like all tourist places it was expensive but it didn't stop me from spoiling my Princess. We only went on one ride because the queues we're ridiculous, in the queue all I kept thinking was please Yen please don't ask for the toilet lol.

On the way back home we took the Eurostar (Yens first time) she loved it because she made new friends and they all watched Frozen. It's nice how children can make friends so easily. When we got to Kings Cross waiting at the customs was a nightmare there was soooooo many people with their children who we're getting very agitated. I think they need a better system in place everyone just looked fed up of waiting.

Yen has a new thing she is in to which is the ninja turtles!!!! She has been watching sooooo much of it she has learnt all the names and who is who it's amazing. She has been going on how Leonardo is her favourite so as a treat yesterday we went to John Lewis and we purchased the ninja shell for her to wear and a Leonardo figure. When we went home I went on amazon and ordered other Leonardo bits.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Saturday adventures

Today will hopefully be a good day for us. I'm planning to sort out Yens old clothes today and donate them to the RSPCA charity shop. I wanted to do a pre loved children's sale but there isn't one near by and I need more space at home. A few of her bits are on Gumtree already but I find selling clothes on there are a bit slow.
After taking the clothes charity shop I'm hopefully going to buy Yen some Salt Water sandals. I love the sandals, they are a bit pricey but they can go in water so I'm sold lol. A few children at Yens nursery have them and they can move about with ease and the front of the sandals don't get scuffed. They seem really child friendly not like some other sandals on the market.
Finally I'm hoping to go to homebase and get some indoor plants. For some reason I'm getting into plants lately, I'm getting the green finger bug in my old age. (Ok I'm not old I'm going to be 27 lol)


I am knackered! The sun decided to come out so I was sweating carrying the big ikea bag of clothes. The RSPCA charity shop was really greatful for the donation which was nice. Yen wanted to know why we donated the clothes, so I had a delightful time trying to explain to a nearly three year old about charity shops and what they do lol.
After the charity shop I went down the road and probably spent half an hour in there letting Yen try on various sandals, we managed to pick one thank god!!!


Last but not least we didn't go home base but we did go to get 2 indoor plants. I now have 3 new plants I've bought this week so in all I have 5. Here are my three new ones.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Treat for myself some Bare Minerals goodies!!!!

So I thought to treat myself with some new products. My friend told me she wanted to try this product so I found this shop and made her go in and take a seat. I knew she was going to kill me as soon as we left the shop but I didn't mind. As she was sitting down the lady who helped us was really nice she explained all the products she was using and why etc. At first I thought ahhh this woman is just doing her job SELL SELL SELL. I then took a seat after my friend after seeing her results, I wanted to experience some of this make up. The woman said we both didn't need foundations so she put Complexion rescue- Tinted hydrating gel cream. First she wiped my face with facial cleansing oil to lift off dirt and make up. She then used the Active cell renewal night serum which made my skin feel so soft and not tight. Usually after I wash my face my face feels tight. I suffer from eczema which is a pain when finding the right make up. After that she put on the tinted hydrating gel, it feels so light and natural and my skin doesn't look dry or feel tight which my other make up made me feel. It's been more than 5 hours since the make up has been put on and it looks exactly how the lady put it on. My face also feels so soft and not tight at all so far, I'm going to use the serum religiously hopefully I will see a change. The hydrating gel was £26.00 and the serum was £39.00
I also got this loyalty card which gets stamped each time you spend £20 and once the card is complete you get £20 off your next purchase. 

Trip to buy the gorgeous ballet uniform

Off to Covent Garden we went in search of a shop called Capezio. As we entered the shop Yen was amazed with all the dance clothes and shoes. I saw the sign which indicated that the children section was downstairs. The down fall to this shop was it didn't have a lift so I had to leave Yens buggy upstairs. I didn't really feel comfortable in the shop, the person helping didn't seem child friendly if you know what I mean. In the end I could only get Yens ballet shoes and black leotard there. The person helping told us about other shops down the road that may have the rest of what Yen needed.
 I should of went into the shop Sansha in the first place, the lady was really polite and child friendly. Yen threw a strop and didn't want to listen and the lady helped me out which was nice. I managed to get a pink leotard and a pink wrap around skirt. 
When we got home Yen tried on the whole outfit and didn't want to take it off bless her.

Yens first ballet lesson

Yen loves to dance especially ballet, so I did some research on decent ballet classes that are not too far or expensive and it also had to be either a weekend or on my day off.
The classes I found usually start from 3yrs upwards but I found a brilliant one. It wasn't too far or expensive for the term (£75/term) AND they had classes on my day off AND they offered a free trial lesson RESULT!!!! I emailed the lady and she emailed back fast which was brill.
So the day came and Yen was soooooooo excited she couldn't wait to start. I loved how the teacher taught, she was polite and made Yen feel very welcomed. I loved her style of teaching it made it more fun. When the 30min session ended she gave out stickers and Yens sticker was for doing so well for her first lesson. Yen didn't want to go home, I asked if she wanted to go again she said yeah so I booked her in for the term woohoo!!!!!