Saturday, 16 May 2015

Treat for myself some Bare Minerals goodies!!!!

So I thought to treat myself with some new products. My friend told me she wanted to try this product so I found this shop and made her go in and take a seat. I knew she was going to kill me as soon as we left the shop but I didn't mind. As she was sitting down the lady who helped us was really nice she explained all the products she was using and why etc. At first I thought ahhh this woman is just doing her job SELL SELL SELL. I then took a seat after my friend after seeing her results, I wanted to experience some of this make up. The woman said we both didn't need foundations so she put Complexion rescue- Tinted hydrating gel cream. First she wiped my face with facial cleansing oil to lift off dirt and make up. She then used the Active cell renewal night serum which made my skin feel so soft and not tight. Usually after I wash my face my face feels tight. I suffer from eczema which is a pain when finding the right make up. After that she put on the tinted hydrating gel, it feels so light and natural and my skin doesn't look dry or feel tight which my other make up made me feel. It's been more than 5 hours since the make up has been put on and it looks exactly how the lady put it on. My face also feels so soft and not tight at all so far, I'm going to use the serum religiously hopefully I will see a change. The hydrating gel was £26.00 and the serum was £39.00
I also got this loyalty card which gets stamped each time you spend £20 and once the card is complete you get £20 off your next purchase. 

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