Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My new addition to my tattoos!!!

So on Sunday I had my seventh tattoo done. I wanted part of the Filipino flag and some sampaguita flowers get a really Filipino inspired tattoo. When I payed my deposit all I said to Ken (the tattooist) was I want the sun and stars of the flag and some of the flowers going around it. As soon as I saw it I was like yes I love it, I always have faith in him this is my 3rd tattoo by him.

The pain was soooooooo bad I couldn't believe I went through it! To me this tattoo hurt more than child birth. I never screamed or cried but inside I thought I was going to pass out or something. I tried to put a film on but that clearly didn't work. 

After half way through I thought I can do this!!! I've come so far I must keep going. Around 3 hours later Ken finally finished it. I am sooooo happy with it I recommend Ken and the tattoo shop he works in which is called Low rider tattoo in Bethnal Green London

Spiderman Party!!!

On Sunday Yen went to her friends 4th birthday party. I must say it was really good, there was a clown, Spider man, nice food, piñata, ball pool and a bouncy castle.
When the entertainment came Yen freaked out with the clown so she wanted to play outside on her own. I hope when she gets older she will be fine with clowns.
This was her 2nd party she has been to from children at her nursery. Yen had a great time she saw few of her friends she was really happy and I love that.
Me on the other hand I went out Saturday night with my girls had a good time. I got home about 6:00am had 2 hours sleep then went into mummy mode. I gave yen breakfast, played tea parties then got her ready for her party. I was soooooo exhausted but Yen was really excited about the party so I had to take her. After the party I dropped Yen off go her Nans then I went to get my tattoo done.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Technology and a 2 year old!!!!

When I was growing up I obviously didn't have the technology of today. It amazes me how Yen is not even 3 yet and she knows how to use the ipad. Yen can go onto youtube press history then click on paw patrol, hello kitty, Dora or whatever she likes. I never just leave her incase she goes on something she isn't meant to.

Not long ago I saw Yen with my cousins selfie stick and couldn't believe she actually knew what to do. I don't have a selfie stick so shes learning pretty fast! 
Even though technology is evolving I'm not having Yen stuck to an ipad or tv. I will still be taking her outside exploring the world learn new things and socialise.

Mothers day!!!

Happy Mothers day to all the mummies!!!!

This year mothers day has been really lovely! I will spend it with a few of the females in my family. The gifts I received was amazing. At nursery Yen decorated a flower pot helped to plant it and here is her master piece!

I have this lovely necklace I will keep forever! It says 'love you to the moon and back' and on the back it says Yens name.

I also got this initial mug that I absolutely LOVE with some chocs!!! (I had to get Yen a mug too lol) I even got some money, feels like my birthday!

Even though Yen can be a big pain she is my pain and without her I wouldn't of been called a mummy. I'm so grateful to have an amazing little daughter and I wouldn't change her for the world. She has made me stronger and I will never give up!

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Todays outfit

Today we went down Westend for some retail therapy so it had to be a comfy day. Yen didn't actually wear that hat today because it was too cold to wear her leather jacket ( that hat doesn't go with her other jackets) Anyways her hat is from H&M, her black cardigan and star print leggings are from Next. Yen is also wearing her Dr Martens.

Relaxing bath before the monster wakes up!

This morning I woke up earlier than usual, this was a perfect time to have a nice relaxing bath Yen was still asleep. I haven't had a relaxing bath for ages Yen would be banging down the door trying to come in to see what was going on. This is why I just have the usually shower, even then Yen would want to pull the shower curtain to play peek-a-boo.
I got in the bath and thought yes this is the life so peaceful. Boy was I wrong! I wasn't even in the bath 5 mins all I could hear was "mummy mummy I need a wee" I had to let her in. Half way getting her pj bottoms down she decides to start having a wee, that was the point where my blissful bath had ended. I quickly jumped up and had to put her on the toilet to do the rest, after all that I told her to go in the living room and I wouldn't be long.
Not even 5 mins later she comes back into the bathroom eating a doughnut I told her to eat what she wants and play. At this point I thought ahhhhh let me just push it and have a shower too, if she gets a sugar rush I will deal with that later it sounds selfish but this is my time!
When I came out she was sitting on the sofa with a Peppa pig book reading to herself bless her. Today we will be going Westend for a bit of retail therapy and fresh air of course!!!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Oopsy where's my passport?

On Monday I went to the housing with my passport. When I came home I put my letter on the table with my passport on top. At first I thought hhhmmmmm shall I leave this here? Yen likes to hide things. For some reason I didn't listen to the voice in my head and I left my passport on the table stupid me. I left the room and started to do the tie dye, I was thinking Yen is playing well she hasn't come to see what I'm doing. Boy was I wrong rule number 1 if a child is quiet they are up to something!
Before leaving to take Yen to her nans house I only realised then my passport was gone. In my head I was thinking I can't be dealing with this right now I will look for it tomorrow. Tuesday came and gone at this point if my mum can't find it bloody hell it must be gone or Yen must of thrown it in the bin. I was starting to worry a little because if it's in the bin any random would take it and do some kind of fraud!
Today I looked in every toy box, in between books, under the sofa, in her Peppa pig DVD cases pretty much anywhere a 2 year old can shove a passport. My mum wanted me to go search the bins outside I was thinking she's crazy. I sat there thinking where could she of put it. A part of me was starting to get worried more then I hear my mum say I found it!!!! I turn around and in her hand was my lovely passport. I don't think I've ever been happier to see my passport, I asked her where did she find it because where she was I already looked. My mum then told me it was in the Frozen DVD case!!!!!!

     Note to self listen to the voice in your head when it comes to important documents!!!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Getting ready for the sun with tie dye!!!!

Today I went down Mare Street and popped into Primark. I was thinking before I get lazy let me do some tie dye, get our tops ready for some sun and festivals for me. I think I went a bit OTT in the shop though I just kept picking up anything plain white. I ended up getting Yen four t-shirts and three vests, I got three t-shirts and two vest tops for myself.

So to get things started first I pinched the middle of the vest then kept twisting it. Once it's in a kind of circular shape start tying the elastic bands round making sure they are tight and secure.

In each container I added five table spoons of Dylon salt you can use normal salt too it works well. Then added the Dylon dye with warm water.

After that just get creative and get dipping. Making sure you leave the top soaked into the dye give a little squeeze then move on and add other colours.

In the left pic I just used black dye just to see how that goes. The rest I mixed the colours which were orange, red, yellow and green. They say leave it for 6-8 hours before you rinse out the items in cold water till the water runs normal then stick it on a cold wash. I personally don't do that I left it for two hours lol then rinsed it left to dry then stuck it on a cold wash.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Productive Sunday!!!

Poorly Yen couldn't go out yesterday so today I took her out for a bit of fresh air and a cuppa with my friends. We met one of our friends in the local book shop. I had a look around and saw few books you can get with the book token from world book day. I forgot Yens token so I bought her book for £1. I asked Yen to choose a book and she picked a dinosaur one. I will use my token next time hopefully I remember it!

We met up with another friend before we got to our local park. I asked Yen how she was feeling and she told me "much better thank you" bless her cotton socks. We had a scoot around and bumped into a few parents from nursery. It started to get a bit chilly so we didn't stay out for long, I also had to give Yen her dose of calpol.

On the way home we popped into a few shops and my friends bought few bits. We went into one shop that sells Mini Rodini clothing and I just fell in love with the crocodile print jacket I saw online the only problem is the jacket is £70. I also wanted the crocodile print jumper and bottoms but those were £36 each. Talk about trying to kill my pockets. I sooooooo want them though I might have to wait for them to go on sale or just buy it YOLO lol. 

We also ended up in my fave shop Jojo Maman Bébé. I bought Yen a striped long sleeve top and picked up a leaflet for From a mother to another. What you basically have to do is collect unwanted clothes from 0-6 years, sort it into size sex and season complete the form and deliver to one of the Jojo Maman Bébé stores.

The store will then re-pack the bag of gifts in a gift box and deliver to those in need and as a thank you for every pack you will receive a £5 Jojo voucher! For more information visit community.jojomamanbebe.co.uk 

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Indoor planting with a poorly 2 year old

 Last night my little lady was coughing and woke up at 4am crying feeling really hot. Super mum to the rescue I took her temperature which was 39.4 and gave her nurofen and lots of fluids. This morning she still wasn't feeling 100% so I thought planting will be a good idea. I popped down to the local pound shop and bought the essentials and ended up in the haberdashery to get some dylon dye. I think I might do some tie dye later.

I explained to Yen what each item was and showed her the different seeds. I even made little name tags for each pot. Yen helped to put the soil in and sow the seeds. It will probably take a while before anything happens but at least it was something different to do.

Working at the nursery my daughter goes to

I've been working at the nursery my daughter goes to for 7 years now WOW time flys. I was first a student there came back worked my way up. I thought being a parent and working will be super hard but it's been ok I guess some ups and downs but that's life. With me working at the nursery I get a better understanding of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). The different activities they do, watch Yen take part in activities she enjoys and socialise with children her age group.
Working at the nursery gives me ideas for what to do with Yen on the weekends and develop her areas of weakness.
This month at nursery the topic is growing. In our home corner at nursery we have a garden centre with plant pots, watering cans, soil/sand, gardening gloves etc. Today I was thinking to do a bit of indoor gardening with Yen probably some herbs something easy. When she is at nursery next she can talk about what she planted also she can watch it grow at home. They are also herb growing at nursery but Yen only does two days a week so she misses things. Another exciting thing we do during spring is watch the growing cycle of chickens. The children love it, they see the eggs, watch the chicks come out and grow a little before they get taken back to the farm.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Nearly new sale!!!

I was going through my news feed on Facebook some time last year and saw an ad about selling nearly new children's clothes. I clicked on it had a little read and thought this is fantastic I can sell Yens clothes and toys.
It was called Poppy and Pickles nearly new sale I emailed Natalie gave her my fee for a table and met her when doing the sale, she was really nice and welcoming. I felt really comfortable and relaxed even though it was my first sale and I didn't know how much to sell the items for. The sale itself was really good because anything I made was all for me no cut had to be given to anyone. My good friend was there too which was fun not to mention super helpful.
I think nearly new sales are really good because you can get items which are near enough brand new for a fraction of the retail price. Some of the clothes I had on sale still had tags on. Over the last few months I have collected a lot of Yens clothes and I am in desperate need to take part in another nearly new sale but there is non anywhere near me. I was thinking to sell them online but it's just not as fun.

Today's outfit

Today is Friday and I'm living on the edge (clothes wise for Yen) Usually this outfit would be a weekend outfit paint free zone! This morning I thought Yen has too many nice clothes and if I keep waiting for the weekend she will grow out of them really quick.
I just love her skirt it has embroidered elephants and flowers on them from Jojo Maman Bébé her white long sleeve, cardigan and shoes are from Next another shop I'm obsessed with but we won't get into that. Last but no mean least her tights are from M&S.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

World book day drama!!!!!

Today was world book day and Yen wanted to be Doc McStuffin. When we went to the Disney store I thought she would of went straight to the Princess dresses but I was wrong.
Trying to get her hair like Doc was a bit tricky seeing as Yen loves to move her head in every direction possible. When Yen was ready I took soooooo many pictures on my phone she just looked too adorable.
When we got to nursery Yen got many compliments and she was clearly loving it!!! As I looked around most of the over 3s boys were action heros and the over 3s girls were Princesses. Only the under 3s had different costumes on.
Yen doesn't really play with her age group she's most of the time with the older girls. Seeing her today nearly broke my heart they just didn't want to play with her because she wasn't wearing a Princess dress. She looked like a lost sheep and eventually walked over to me and said she didn't want to be Doc anymore she wanted to be a Princess. I felt so bad but had to reassure her it was ok to be Doc and it doesn't matter if you look different everyone can't be a Princesses. I told her look D (a girl) is in a Spider-Man outfit and she was playing with the boys it's alright. After about five minutes she was fine and as soon as they played in the garden they were all playing together once again. I've never experienced anything like that with Yen I felt helpless but I can't wrap her in cotton wool. She has to learn she can't always have everything her way.
Overall today went really well. Two parent's came in to read stories to the children. The children made book marks and they all received a £1 book token!!!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

I think im obsessed!!!

Since there has been a Jojo Maman Bébé shop open not far from mine I always seem to find myself there after pay day. Yen knows where everything is and few of the ladies there know her so well. I think I'm definitely obsessed I even have one of those loyalty card things that gets stamped. I can't just walk past I have to go in and have a look and buy something. So today we took Yens scooter out and told her we will be buying a new jacket in her shop then go to the nail shop.
As soon as we got in the shop she said hello to the ladies then ran to the drawing table. I parked up her buggy then started looking around. I was in heaven!!! I wanted to buy everything but had to remember just to buy what I needed. One of the ladies said Yen has got so big now and talks really well for a two year old. She remembered that every time we come in she takes one of the ladies hands and say "excuse me lady can I have a balloon please"
After looking around in the girls section then the boys I finally found thick white tights which I've been searching high and low for and a nice floral fisherman jacket for £39.00. Its not a usual jacket I would go for but I like this one better than the dinosaur one.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Second hand book stores

On my lunch break at work I decided to have a look in the local 2nd hand book store and look what I found for Yen. A fairy princess colouring book and princess stories book all in perfect condition. I sometimes buy Yen 2nd hand books because most times they are in good condition and once she doesn't want them anymore I could give them to the nursery or sell them. I don't even have to feel about it because I didn't pay full price for them. For the colouring book I payed 50p and the princess stories book was £1.50.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Trip to Westend courtesy of the dummy fairy

Its nearly been a week since I've taken Yens dummy away and so far so good. There are times when she asks for it but I remind her about the dummy fairy. We have noticed because there is no more dummy she has been more cuddly at night bless her.
This morning I told Yen we are going shopping because the dummy fairy gave me some money to buy a pressie to say thank you. I think im more excited than her lol its been a while since I've shopped for some goodies I usually do it online because im lazy like that.

Today Yen is having a girly day wearing a Jojo Maman Bebe dress with H&M tights and Uggs. I really like this dress its made from good material thicker than her other dresses. I love the flowers on it, the purple trim and the pocket. God knows what she can fit in there lol.

We took a trip to the Disney store and killed two birds with one stone. This is the pressie from the dummy fairy a Doc Mc Stuffin soft toy and I also got her a Doc Mc Stuffin outfit to wear for world book day at nursery!!!