Thursday, 12 March 2015

Oopsy where's my passport?

On Monday I went to the housing with my passport. When I came home I put my letter on the table with my passport on top. At first I thought hhhmmmmm shall I leave this here? Yen likes to hide things. For some reason I didn't listen to the voice in my head and I left my passport on the table stupid me. I left the room and started to do the tie dye, I was thinking Yen is playing well she hasn't come to see what I'm doing. Boy was I wrong rule number 1 if a child is quiet they are up to something!
Before leaving to take Yen to her nans house I only realised then my passport was gone. In my head I was thinking I can't be dealing with this right now I will look for it tomorrow. Tuesday came and gone at this point if my mum can't find it bloody hell it must be gone or Yen must of thrown it in the bin. I was starting to worry a little because if it's in the bin any random would take it and do some kind of fraud!
Today I looked in every toy box, in between books, under the sofa, in her Peppa pig DVD cases pretty much anywhere a 2 year old can shove a passport. My mum wanted me to go search the bins outside I was thinking she's crazy. I sat there thinking where could she of put it. A part of me was starting to get worried more then I hear my mum say I found it!!!! I turn around and in her hand was my lovely passport. I don't think I've ever been happier to see my passport, I asked her where did she find it because where she was I already looked. My mum then told me it was in the Frozen DVD case!!!!!!

     Note to self listen to the voice in your head when it comes to important documents!!!

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