Saturday, 7 March 2015

Indoor planting with a poorly 2 year old

 Last night my little lady was coughing and woke up at 4am crying feeling really hot. Super mum to the rescue I took her temperature which was 39.4 and gave her nurofen and lots of fluids. This morning she still wasn't feeling 100% so I thought planting will be a good idea. I popped down to the local pound shop and bought the essentials and ended up in the haberdashery to get some dylon dye. I think I might do some tie dye later.

I explained to Yen what each item was and showed her the different seeds. I even made little name tags for each pot. Yen helped to put the soil in and sow the seeds. It will probably take a while before anything happens but at least it was something different to do.

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