Friday, 6 March 2015

Nearly new sale!!!

I was going through my news feed on Facebook some time last year and saw an ad about selling nearly new children's clothes. I clicked on it had a little read and thought this is fantastic I can sell Yens clothes and toys.
It was called Poppy and Pickles nearly new sale I emailed Natalie gave her my fee for a table and met her when doing the sale, she was really nice and welcoming. I felt really comfortable and relaxed even though it was my first sale and I didn't know how much to sell the items for. The sale itself was really good because anything I made was all for me no cut had to be given to anyone. My good friend was there too which was fun not to mention super helpful.
I think nearly new sales are really good because you can get items which are near enough brand new for a fraction of the retail price. Some of the clothes I had on sale still had tags on. Over the last few months I have collected a lot of Yens clothes and I am in desperate need to take part in another nearly new sale but there is non anywhere near me. I was thinking to sell them online but it's just not as fun.

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