Saturday, 7 March 2015

Working at the nursery my daughter goes to

I've been working at the nursery my daughter goes to for 7 years now WOW time flys. I was first a student there came back worked my way up. I thought being a parent and working will be super hard but it's been ok I guess some ups and downs but that's life. With me working at the nursery I get a better understanding of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). The different activities they do, watch Yen take part in activities she enjoys and socialise with children her age group.
Working at the nursery gives me ideas for what to do with Yen on the weekends and develop her areas of weakness.
This month at nursery the topic is growing. In our home corner at nursery we have a garden centre with plant pots, watering cans, soil/sand, gardening gloves etc. Today I was thinking to do a bit of indoor gardening with Yen probably some herbs something easy. When she is at nursery next she can talk about what she planted also she can watch it grow at home. They are also herb growing at nursery but Yen only does two days a week so she misses things. Another exciting thing we do during spring is watch the growing cycle of chickens. The children love it, they see the eggs, watch the chicks come out and grow a little before they get taken back to the farm.

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