Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Yens TV interests and what she's learning

Yen is nearly three so her interests are now expanding thank god. Before it was just Peppa pig this Peppa pig that I thought I was going to go mad. Then Yen got into Ben and Holly the elf and Princess,  after a few episodes Yen knew all the characters name. With nursery I noticed she interacts more with the older children so she started getting into Spiderman and Princesses which isn't so bad. At nursery we have various Princess stories so that's how she knew about Cinderella which is now her favourite. On a Friday Yens nursery also does Spanish lessons, Yen went to one lesson which she enjoyed then after that she began refusing to go which was odd. Yens Spanish teacher then began encouraging her to go because she saw she enjoyed it. After some sticker encouragement which pretty much always works Yen began going again, Yen can now count to ten in Spanish and name a few colours in Spanish. I think this is where her love for Dora came from.
I use to think these children's programmes are a waste of time because they won't learn anything, but the few that Yen watches she's learnt a thing or two. For instants the tooth fairy she's learnt from Peppa. When we went to the museum I pointed at something and asked Yen if she knew what it was and she said yeah a gnome! When I asked her how she knew the answer I got was "theres one in Ben and Holly"

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Exploring Museum of London

Today me, Yen and a very close friend of mine who is also Yens godmother went to the Museum of London. Me and Yen have never been before we usually go to the museums where most of the tourists go so this was different. Upon arriving we were greeted by a lovely lady who gave us information about the museum.
While walking around it wasn't so busy which was really good because one thing I hate is a super packed museum where I can't move the buggy anywhere. There was so much to see going through the different eras of London seeing the changes throughout the years. Yen really enjoyed exploring the museum asking lots of questions about new things she's seen. I'm glad she asks questions I love that she wants to learn new things. 
Inside the museum is quiet big and spacious compared to looking at in from the outside. It was easy to find what you are looking for, in our case the toilets and FOOD lol. Going through the gift shop I bought Yen a harmonica, I know she wanted one before I just never got round to getting one for her. As soon as I gave it to her she couldn't stop playing it, she told us the music man at nursery has one. On the way home she was playing it so much she fell asleep with it in her hand bless her cotton socks!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

New addition to the family a budgie called Charlie

We have a new pet budgie called Charlie, because it is still young I think about 7 weeks old I've given it a unisex name because at that young age its hard to tell the sex.
At work I was obsessing whether to get one or not, I asked my dad and he said no! (We already have 6 fishes and a cat) but for some reason I knew if I kept going on about it he would give in. It took him a few days to crack, I even got Yen on it too LOL.
After doing alot of research online and in books I thought if I dont get it now I never will, so looking on gumtree I was looking for the budgie for me (I wanted a blue one not too bright). I found a few I liked then all of a sudden I found someone who literally lived down the road from me I had to email him. After exchanging a few emails he agreed to save it for me as I still needed a cage etc.
Off to pets at home I went on Saturday morning bought the cage, couple toys, food, cuttle bone etc went back home set everything up then took Yen to her friends 4th birthday party from 1-3 which was good it had a bouncy castle woo hoo. After the party we picked up the budgie. The man I got it from was really polite and allowed me to let the budgie sit on my finger.
Taking it home I was so nervous what if the box drops and it flys away? What if it dies from shock? I was being so gentle with it and it got to my house safe and sound.
Getting it out the box was a nightmare I was being a chicken to take it out the box so got my mum to do it but she accidently let it fly around my room. I thought to myself o jheez I will never get it in the cage but my mum some how got it in the cage.
The bird cage is on my dressing table in my room so Cairo our cat is not allowed in there. I am so determined to form a bond with Charlie my budgie even Yen has been helpful with the feeding and setting up the cage. I told her its a still a baby so she speaks really gently to it calling it Charlie Do.

Today is day 3 of having Charlie and already it lets me put my arm in the cage, stroke it's belly, feed it out my hand and even sit on my finger. Since Charlie has been home it hasn't made a sound only when taking it out the box on Saturday.While watching a video on YouTube Charlie heard a budgie chirp it started to chirp back bless.

In this picture below Charlie is sitting on my index finger while eating some millet!

UPDATE! (28/4/15)

So I've had Charlie just over a week now and I'm letting him/her out the cage but it doesn't seem to want to fly it just wants to perch or fall asleep I guess I'm going to have to be patient.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

lovely stroll through Old Spitalfields market

Today me, Yen and my mum went down to Old Spitalfields market to have a look around and do something different on a Sunday. We haven't been there in a while so it was good, plus there was a bit of sun so that was great. I just love it there the food the stalls and the atmosphere. I'm definitely going back when it gets warmer there is just so much to see.

Walking past one stall there was different kinds of animal backpacks. Yen was really drawn to the cat one for some reason, she said it's like Cairo (our cat at home). I asked the lady how much it costs when she told me £25 I wanted to say o forget it but my mum being mum she gave me £20 and said put the rest in. The woman said to us she can't put the price down on the bag but she can have a free purse RESULT!!!!  Yen absolutely loves the bag which is great she better love the bag for the rest of her life lol.

There is sooooooo many food places down there it's amazing what's better than eating and shopping. I went for a nice combo of 4 chicken gyozas, salad and some edamame beans for £5 it was delish Yen had some festivals and fried plantain from the Carribean stall she actually said no to chicken this time. She even told the lady she has that food at her nanas house. They were really polite and welcoming which is really good.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Hair product for Yen ***NEW***

Today we went to Paks to find an alternative product for Yens hair. While doing research online I came across this brand seems like a good one for different types of curly hair http://www.curlykidshaircare.com.
Looking around in Paks was a bit daunting I must say, I didn't actually know what I was looking for and didn't know which product will be ok in Yens hair. I only bought the curl defining lotion to see how it goes and if Yens curls are looking fabulous I will be getting the shampoo and conditioner. While Yens hair is growing I want to have her hair out more often because the front is quiet thin and I want it to grow with her beautiful bouncy curls not thick frizzy bush. The lotion was only £2.99 for a 177ml bottle and smells amazing.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


It's been a while since I last posted been a bit busy, on Thursday after work me and few girls went to Liverpool for the weekend. It was a nice child free weekend full of sight seeing drinking and photo taking not to mention shopping!!!
Last time I left Yen for a few days was last year when I went to Newcastle with the girls, I thought I would miss her a lot or she would would miss me but when I called my mum she was absolutely fine. When we went Manchester for the day I did do a bit of shopping and bought Yen a couple goodies.

First I bought her these two lovely ladies Elsa and Anna last time I checked she was obsessed with Frozen. I spoke to my mum and now Yen is requesting Cinderella apparently it's her new obsession. So while in Liverpool we went shopping again and bought her these goodies.

We stayed at a penthouse and it was beautiful I would really recommend going to Liverpool 100%. The people I met were so polite and I love the accent. I didn't get to go to the museums but the buildings looked amazing. For families or for that weekend drinking bender I loved it, in the day we were tourists seeing the dock and walking around shopping etc. At night the bars and music are good getting free shots with drinks felt like I was in Magaluf again minus the sun lol. The cab fares were the best way better than expensive London. I will definitely go back with Yen to see the aquarium, museums and sights.