Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Yens TV interests and what she's learning

Yen is nearly three so her interests are now expanding thank god. Before it was just Peppa pig this Peppa pig that I thought I was going to go mad. Then Yen got into Ben and Holly the elf and Princess,  after a few episodes Yen knew all the characters name. With nursery I noticed she interacts more with the older children so she started getting into Spiderman and Princesses which isn't so bad. At nursery we have various Princess stories so that's how she knew about Cinderella which is now her favourite. On a Friday Yens nursery also does Spanish lessons, Yen went to one lesson which she enjoyed then after that she began refusing to go which was odd. Yens Spanish teacher then began encouraging her to go because she saw she enjoyed it. After some sticker encouragement which pretty much always works Yen began going again, Yen can now count to ten in Spanish and name a few colours in Spanish. I think this is where her love for Dora came from.
I use to think these children's programmes are a waste of time because they won't learn anything, but the few that Yen watches she's learnt a thing or two. For instants the tooth fairy she's learnt from Peppa. When we went to the museum I pointed at something and asked Yen if she knew what it was and she said yeah a gnome! When I asked her how she knew the answer I got was "theres one in Ben and Holly"

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