Sunday, 1 March 2015

Trip to Westend courtesy of the dummy fairy

Its nearly been a week since I've taken Yens dummy away and so far so good. There are times when she asks for it but I remind her about the dummy fairy. We have noticed because there is no more dummy she has been more cuddly at night bless her.
This morning I told Yen we are going shopping because the dummy fairy gave me some money to buy a pressie to say thank you. I think im more excited than her lol its been a while since I've shopped for some goodies I usually do it online because im lazy like that.

Today Yen is having a girly day wearing a Jojo Maman Bebe dress with H&M tights and Uggs. I really like this dress its made from good material thicker than her other dresses. I love the flowers on it, the purple trim and the pocket. God knows what she can fit in there lol.

We took a trip to the Disney store and killed two birds with one stone. This is the pressie from the dummy fairy a Doc Mc Stuffin soft toy and I also got her a Doc Mc Stuffin outfit to wear for world book day at nursery!!!

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