Saturday, 16 May 2015

Trip to buy the gorgeous ballet uniform

Off to Covent Garden we went in search of a shop called Capezio. As we entered the shop Yen was amazed with all the dance clothes and shoes. I saw the sign which indicated that the children section was downstairs. The down fall to this shop was it didn't have a lift so I had to leave Yens buggy upstairs. I didn't really feel comfortable in the shop, the person helping didn't seem child friendly if you know what I mean. In the end I could only get Yens ballet shoes and black leotard there. The person helping told us about other shops down the road that may have the rest of what Yen needed.
 I should of went into the shop Sansha in the first place, the lady was really polite and child friendly. Yen threw a strop and didn't want to listen and the lady helped me out which was nice. I managed to get a pink leotard and a pink wrap around skirt. 
When we got home Yen tried on the whole outfit and didn't want to take it off bless her.

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