Wednesday, 29 July 2015

I'm back!!!!!

My apologies I haven't been posting in a while just been a bit busy being a working mummy. So let's update you on exciting things that have been going on.

On July 9th my little lady turnt the big 3 so for her birthday me, her and her nana went to Disneyland Paris!!!!! We took the plane there which took 45minutes and because her nana told the pilot it was her birthday the next day Yen got to sit on the pilots chair and take pictures. The pilot then gave her a picture of the plane and a sticker. Yen was sooooo happy because that was her first time on a plane.

We stayed in Paris for two nights, on her actual birthday we went to the disneyland park. I brought a few birthday cards with us so she could open them before she got ready to wear her Cinderella dress.
Yen was so excited when we got there she couldn't wait to run around. Before we went in I saw a sign saying you wasn't allowed to use selfie sticks which I thought was odd.
It was so hot we kept buying water and taking breaks from walking lol. There was soooooooo much to see we might have to go back because one day in the park was defo not enough! They had all different kinds of food so it is well catered for everyone. As like all tourist places it was expensive but it didn't stop me from spoiling my Princess. We only went on one ride because the queues we're ridiculous, in the queue all I kept thinking was please Yen please don't ask for the toilet lol.

On the way back home we took the Eurostar (Yens first time) she loved it because she made new friends and they all watched Frozen. It's nice how children can make friends so easily. When we got to Kings Cross waiting at the customs was a nightmare there was soooooo many people with their children who we're getting very agitated. I think they need a better system in place everyone just looked fed up of waiting.

Yen has a new thing she is in to which is the ninja turtles!!!! She has been watching sooooo much of it she has learnt all the names and who is who it's amazing. She has been going on how Leonardo is her favourite so as a treat yesterday we went to John Lewis and we purchased the ninja shell for her to wear and a Leonardo figure. When we went home I went on amazon and ordered other Leonardo bits.

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